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First of all, one more link to another blog on Co-ops! If you haven't already linked to Roxana's page, you should!

From the Teachable Moment 1997:

" 'Who wants Cream of Wheat for breakfast?'  I asked my children one recent morning. Three of them answered in the affirmative. The youngest, Matthew, was emphatic in his no.

'Please make lumps in it,' begged Lindley. I know the ideal way to make Cream of Wheat is without the lumps, but for some weird reason, the kids and I love them.

As I started spooning the lumpy mixture into the bowls, the enthusiasm level was high. And by the time the bowls made it to the table, Matthew had his own bowl and was anxious to dip in.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines enthusiasm as 1. rapturous interest or excitement or 2. a subject or activity that inspires a lively interest. Another homeschool mom and I were discussing how our level of enthusiasm influences and affects the kids and their experience homeschooling. We had both had the experience of starting out homeschooling years ago with great enthusiasm and it waning somewhat as the years rolled by. The experience of our younger children has not been the same as that of our older children.

That discussion has provoked some pondering on my part. I've decided that as we first started homeschooling, my enthusiasm level may well have approached the rapturous. While it may not be possible to maintain that level over years, I hope it will be possible to maintain a lively interest in subjects and activities.

I've sought to identify areas that hinder my enthusiasm. Some of these I can actually do something about. However, I have to accept that in other situations, I may have no control since other people are involved. But just identifying that something or someone may be dampening my enthusiasm can actually help.

Our best homeschooling experiences in the past have been ones where at least a couple of us were enthusiastic and then it spread. I hope to do my part not to hinder another family member's enthusiasm. What is better in life than sharing something you're interested in with the people you love most in the world?"

Now, going back to co-ops. Matthew was affected as his siblings left the home, one by one, and then all of a sudden he was an only child homeschooling when all he had known was this group homeschooling and all of the ideas and enthusiasm floating around in the air. It was around this time that we were invited to join the LIFE Co-Op mentioned above. It came in the nick of time for Matt! I will be forever grateful to Roxana White for organizing it and opening the door for Matt.

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