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Our youngest son was invited to participate in a local co-op organized by a  friend halfway through his homeschooling high school years. The level of organization was way beyond any classes our local support group had organized over the years. The following post and link is from our friend who organized that co-op based on one she and her children had participated in located in another state before their move here.

We Needed LIFE

"I am an eclectic homeschooler. Of course, I didn’t know that until we were well into our 2nd year of homeschool.  I just thought I was all over the place.  I knew my girls were doing well, I knew homeschooling was right for us, but I wondered if everyone else was as all over the map as me. We are now in our 14th year, and I have learned that there are quite a few of us still mapping things out.

As part of our journey, somewhere along the way, I became involved in a large co-op that was based on classes. Actually, I thought all co-ops were class-based.  It wasn’t until I moved to Florida 6 years ago that I learned there are different types of homeschool co-ops.  After trying several of them, because that’s what we mappers do, I really began to miss what I had been familiar with.  It worked for us. This type of co-op offered 3 class periods, with a choice of classes in each period.  There were classes for nursery through high school.  After co-op on Friday mornings, we all went to the park for lunch and fellowship.

Because class-based co-op worked for us, and there was no such co-op in my area, one day I somehow found myself mapping out a plan to start one.

L.I.F.E. began 4 years ago. 

Learning in Family Education Co-op Classes has been a challenging and rewarding experience for me, my children, and the families we have grown to love.  Each semester brings changes. The classes are never the same, many of our families have been with us from the beginning, some are new, all are welcome.

If you are a mapper, someone who loves to plan and likes variety, and you are looking for a support group or co-op in your area, I encourage you to try a class based co-op.  It could be a great supplement to your core subjects, a great resource, and a great way get a breath of fresh air on your journey.  If there aren’t any in your area, consider starting one.  There are many resources to help you get started.

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