Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tis The Season To Be Jolly

I have successfully navigated signing in, utilizing the username and password Matthew has come up with. I am sure I will never remember them and will have to refer to my written down copy every time I blog now.

In the middle of many negative items in the news on an every day basis, I decided to put up our Christmas decorations early and begin celebrating the birth of Christ sooner rather than later. So the tree was up right before Thanksgiving and only one family member had a complaint about it. I've discovered I like having it all done earlier, as I have really enjoyed this Christmas season more on a daily basis. I love it when our house is decorated for Christmas. We have several nativity scenes and many Santa Claus figures. Santa Claus was a symbol of Christ to me as a young child. I was given a good-sized stuffed Santa for my 5th Christmas and vividly remember taking him to school for show and tell. As we were a military family that frequently moved and I slept with my Santa for many years, he is my surviving childhood toy. He sits under our tree every Christmas. Family members began giving me Santa Claus figures many years ago, so now I have quite a collection that our four kids can divvy up down the road. They all have their favorites.

We have had an extra bonus for this Christmas season, as Shelley and Brad are temporarily staying with us while work is being done on their house that recently flooded due to an appliance. It has been nice to have them around and there has only been one tense moment between our two girls that we could all have done without.

Life is busy, but good. Between employment, continuing Matt's home education program, service opportunities, and being with family and friends, there is not much slack time. That is okay. We enjoy what we do in our lives. We are grateful to be so richly blessed.

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