Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is over....kind of.

So we did our family Christmas on Christmas Eve, and then went up to Alabama yesterday. On Christmas Eve I got everything I knew I was getting, and got a few surprises. I got a new set of scriptures...I got all excited and thought it was a book I had wanted for I rip into the package...only to find a quad. Oh well, it is a book I want too :)

In Alabama I got mainly cash...then when we played Dirty Santa I got a wallet after stealing it back multiple times. I had wanted a different wallet, but we made a rule that after an item was stolen 3 times it couldn't be stolen anymore. So I stole the wallet I wanted, and somebody else stole it for the 3rd time so I didn't get it. But I stole a different wallet a 3rd time that was a little nicer, so I was happy.

We still have one more Christmas day on January 1st when my aunt and uncle get home from their trip, and we do christmas at my Grandparents. I can't wait for that one because I am getting more that I wanted :D

Anyway, overall it was a good christmas. I am about to leave to get some last minute christmas shopping done for a few people at church, so I will post more later!!!!

-Matt E.-

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