Monday, August 22, 2011

Educational Choices

Having been asked by many young mothers recently about homeschooling and reading one friend's recent blog, I just thought I would post a little about homeschooling since our family chose to utilize that educational choice for so many years. First of all, I don't necessarily think homeschooling is for everyone. Sometimes people are shocked by that! There were definitely times I steered certain people away from homeschooling. Overall, I see homeschooling as just another educational alternative that does become a lifestyle and has great benefits for families. It has challenges, requires a certain level of sacrifice for most families and may only be right for some of the time.

Our children all had some time in public school and we loved the elementary school our oldest ones attended through 2nd and 3rd grade. Wonderful staff there still! One of our children seemed to need something more and after two years, with much prayer, we gave home education a whirl for a one year period We enjoyed it so much and saw so much good for our family we continued on.

Homeschooling has become much more acceptable in society than in the early 90's when we started. Our homeschooling pioneers had it rough before it became legalized in FL. Now FL is one of the best states to homeschool in with many options and tremendous support.That did not happen by accident but was painstakingly built up by certain people in the state. I will do more on another blog about that. In fact, I will just try to blog a little bit each time because there is so much good to share about homeschooling. I have found the subject is very interesting even to people who would never consider it for their own families.

I will share my personal mantra in this first blog on the subject. "Every family home-educates to some degree" Vicky Evelo

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