Monday, November 29, 2010

Stresses of blogging

Due to the fact that I don't post or comment often, I have had a recurring stress every time I do! Remembering that darn log in information. At first, this was Matt's blog, so I am still using his sign in info which does not resonate with my memory. Then Shelley updated my blog and attempted to change all that so it would stick with me. She succeeded in at least changing the password. Alas, I did not write it down anywhere. I had to have Matt's technical experience just now to reset the password. I have written it down and hope to have just decreased my stress enough in order to make room in my brain to learn how to use a digital camera and give up the old way. We just picked up 23 rolls of film from the last 3 years and the developing fee was hefty! I have promised myself I will learn the new ways!

How many usernames and passwords can a person remember in one lifetime though?

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