Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Foot

Hey this is Matt here!
We went back for xrays today (almost 2 weeks since my injury happened) and it turns out I have a fracture! It's going to take 10-12 weeks to heal and I have this big boot to help me walk.

Let me back up...I got the hurt ankle playing football Thanksgiving morning. Well technically, I was playing in the "Turkey Bowl"! Brad and his group of friends always plays tackle football Thanksgiving morning and I decided I would join them.

My mom and sister both told Brad to make sure I didn't get hurt. So since he was QuarterBack, he would NEVER pass me the ball! Finally everybody convinced him to and I caught the pass! I ran it for about 10 yards when a guy jumped on my back. Not wanting to get creamed by Blake Anderson or Dusty Brock, I decided to just go down. When I went down my ankle went up. POP goes the ankle. When we got xrays the next day they didn't see the fracture because it was so swollen, but they did today! It hurts to walk even with the boot, so I won't be at work for awhile.

Needless to say, I am 99.9999% sure I won't EVER be going to the Turkey Bowl again!!!

Hoping for a fast recovery,
Matt E.

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  1. Try to stay off of Dad's foot! That would help a lot, I'm sure! Love, Mom