Monday, June 1, 2009

Flowers Cheer the Heart

I wanted to share some of the flowers from our yard on my blog. I look forward to our yard blooming every year...especially our hibiscus trees which have their own story. We have not been successful in keeping hibiscus trees alive from one spring to the next. Yet, I love to drive up in my driveway and see these trees blooming right in front of our house. I just feel happy when I see everything blooming,but especially the hibiscus trees. So, every year, my husband patiently buys two more for my birthday (it's a good thing I'm a May birthday!) and plants them again. We are grateful for our large yard that we've been able to plant such a variety of plants in. One of my biggest regrets is that we did not buy pecan trees when we bought our land in 1986 and plant them then. We would have been harvesting pecans for many years now. Our money was always so tight that we just didn't budget those pecan trees in. Well, they are planted now, so in a few years, in time for grandchildren to help pick them up, we will harvest pecans.I am anxiously waiting for my first tomato sandwich, cannot wait for the blackberries and raspberries and all the other treats we are hopeful will come forth. Some of those we have to wait a year or two on. With some fruit plants, you have to pick the blooms off the first year. We are learning as we go.


  1. your yard and flower beds are beautiful! i love flowers too- they just know how to cheer ya up!

  2. You have a beautiful yard, Vicky! I love flowers, too! I planted a hibiscus tree "once" to no avail. Never did try again. Perhaps I will... Happy late Birthday! :-) I think I'll plant some more flowers this weekend! Thanks for the motivation!
    -- Tonya